A&G Mini Donuts


Two powerful words that can easily produce all types of feelings in a person…
Anxiety: when will the mini donuts be in my hand and thus into my mouth faster?
Anticipation: how long will I have to wait to have them in my mouth?
Delirium: how long will the delicious donut high last? Hopefully, the answer is forever.

I don’t have to go on, for you to picture the beautiful chaos mini donuts can create. Sure, some might call these fair snacks or carnie foods; others would equate it to little magical delicate O-shaped pastries delivered to us by cherubs. Actually, let’s not get too carried away, these mini donuts are not delivered by cute cherubs. They are from our long time donut vendor, A&G Mini Donuts at The Pickering Markets every weekend!

A&G Donuts has called Pickering Markets their home for over 10 years, a small independent fresh mini donuts joint. It wasn’t an epiphany when the owner, Sandy Siskov, decided to make donuts, it was something that she had always enjoyed and had good memories of. She built her business around the donuts and later brought in other products like, cotton candy, local Ontario wild flower honey and locally made rye bread.

The mini donuts have always been a popular favorite among our regular Pickering Markets visitors and I can understand why. Some people even come to the markets just for that fresh batch of donuts. So what makes these donuts so special? Well, she wouldn’t tell me, it’s a secret she’s kept all these years and will continue to keep for eternity. But she did say a few words,
1.) It’s all in the batter.
2.) It’s dire that it is fresh each and every time a customer orders it.

A&G Mini Donuts are made to order and customers have an option of three flavors: cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and chocolate.

These donuts will melt in your mouth, but there no use in explaining how delicious it is. You might as well taste them for yourself! You can buy 12 for $5, 18 for $6.50 or 36 for $12. Find A&G Mini Donuts at booth 2607.

Pickering Markets is not your typical Flea Market, it is Ontario’s largest multicultural indoor marketplace, all in Toronto’s backyard! To find out more about us, click HERE!

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