Art Buzz

While walking among the many aisles at Pickering Markets, you have probably come across Art Buzz booth 2206, filled to the brim with D.I.Y painting box sets. Grace Liu is the owner and operator of the creative artistic booth. Most weekends, you can get a glimpse of Grace painting from one of her many box sets, using it as an example of how easy and creatively fulfilling it is to finish a box set painting.

Grace Liu previously worked at an art company for many years before opening Art Buzz, she always had a passion for art and wanted to create a business that offered products that encouraged children to paint and draw. Pickering Markets has been home to Art Buzz for three years and counting! Grace has always enjoyed having her first store at Pickering Markets. Since opening, Art Buzz still mainly offers D.I.Y Painting Box sets that is very similar to the more well known, Paint By Number products, but has expanded to clothing and different accessories. As a new designer herself, she uses Art Buzz as a place for market research on her newly designed accessories.

The D.I.Y Painting Box Sets are the bread and butter to Art Buzz, she carries a variety of box sets including animals, landscapes,famous abstract artists and other well known work of arts like the Mona Lisa. Visit ART BUZZ this weekend!

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