Asylum Games & Collectibles

Sam Workman and Stefan Stekar is the dynamic duo behind Asylum Games & Collectibles. The two friends first met in university and have now known each other since 2007. The whole idea of Asylum Games & Collectibles came about when Stefan was listening to a podcast about opening a shop focused on trading cards and traditional gaming. Sam overheard the podcast and it peaked his interest, he asked Stefan if he was genuinely interested in opening a business that focused on trading gaming cards, and to both of their surprise, the answer was yes.

They decided to get their feet wet in trading gaming cards by using Kijiji, they gained a lot of interest in the gaming community and made some sales. But what they really wanted was a home base. After taking a look at Pickering Markets, Sam and Stefan felt like this would be a great retail home for Asylum, since they both work a full time job, they only have the weekend available, and Pickering Markets was the perfect solution.

The owners each have their own areas of expertise; Stefan Stekar knows about all the latest in gaming cards, not to mention the culture and community. Sam Workman is the anime expert and knows everything and anything about the newest shows and that community as well. They both try their best to be well versed in all of their products and the sub-culture communities of traditional gaming and anime. Even though they both work in separate industries, Sam being a chef and Stefan in condo management, both bring a variety of skills towards the business that naturally balances out the partnership.

The type of products that you’ll find at Asylum Games & Collectibles are:
– Traditional game cards, Pokemon Cards, Dice, Figurines, Statues, Posters and Wall Scrolls

All of the items are directly picked from Sam and Stefan, always keeping in mind of what the fans are looking for. This emphasis on fans and customer service is nothing new, it’s really very simple to them. Asylum Games & Collectibles is best described as a store made by fans, for fans.

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