Beauty Kweenz

If you are a regular at Pickering Markets then it’s hard not to notice Corrine Carpenter. Corrine Carpenter is a full time hairstylist during the weekdays and owner of Beauty Kweenz, booth 2309, on weekends. In fact, Corrine was recently the lead hair stylist for Pickering Markets very first fashion shoot. While juggling a hair styling career and being a full-time mother was already tough enough, she had bigger ambitions and decided to start Beauty Kweenz. Every weekend, she is in her booth greeting customers and passers-by with a big bright smile, along with her adorable daughter.

Beauty Kweenz is a clothing shop that specializes in Women’s fashion. Many of the pieces she has available are trendy evening-wear and club wear. She is also one of the only booths that offer specialty-wear like corsets, lingerie and waist trainers. Recently the bulk of her items had been waist trainers, as she discovered a huge demand for quality waist trainers from her local customers.

Beauty Kweenz all started when Corrine discovered that many women she knew, including herself, were having a hard time finding certain evening-wear. Instantly, she thought that it would be great to supply those items for the women in the Durham region through Pickering Markets, at a reasonable price. Everything at Beauty Kweenz ranges from $20 – $70, because as an entrepreneur; she understands the value in having affordable evening-wear. Feeling good in what people wear can help build confidence, most of all, helping with raising women’s self-esteem is something that doesn’t have to be expensive in Corrine’s eyes.

Corrine’s ultimate goal is to build Beauty Kweenz as a one-stop shop, where all types of women can find accessories, clothing and even wigs; everything that a fun night out would call for.

I asked her about what she thought of the vendor community here at Pickering Markets and she expressed that she instantly felt at home. All of the vendors, she had encountered had embraced and welcomed her from the beginning. You’ll see Corinne every weekend with her daughter, recommending outfits and accessory pairings to her customers. She hopes to continue building Beauty Kweenz and create a family business that she could eventually hand down to her daughter.

Take a look at the photos below! But remember, it’s Beauty Kweenz with a K, W and Z!

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