Back to Basics with BELY GROUP INC.

When it comes to the basics, it’s getting more and more difficult to find good quality items. It seems impossible to find a basic tee, tank top or pair of pants that is in other colours than black or white. However, one step into Bely Group and you’ll see that it may be the case everywhere else, but in Pickering Market there is a 100% guarantee, you will find basic items that are of good quality at a affordable price!

The mastermind behind the Bely Group Inc. success is Sunil Aggarwal. Sunil came to Canada in 1981 and started working in a local garment factory in 1983 learning all the in’s and out’s of the industry. By 1985, Sunil started to buy merchandise from the same factory he had been working at and decided to sell it at local flea markets. From the start, it was a very successful business venture, their high standards to customer service and quality assurance, along with the reasonable prices was the perfect triple threat to big retailers. Sunil Aggarwal very proudly stated that Bely Group Inc. has been part of Pickering Markets for almost 25 years!

Pickering Markets has not only been Bely’s home base for Sunil and his team, but after twenty five years at our vibrant marketplace, it has become part of his identity and his beloved second home. The social aspect of being in a large marketplace every weekend gives him a huge energy boost in the mornings – his customers (some coming all the way from Kingston to London) and fellow vendors have become good friends over the years. It’s fair to say, his social life at Pickering Markets thrives as much as his business.

Bely Group Inc. specializes in wholesale, retail and on the spot printing. Since 1989, Sunil has worked hard to keep the prices low. A bang for your buck – deals like 4 items for $20 are rare to see these days, but Sunil assures his customers that as long as he can afford keep his prices reasonable, he will! A customized printed shirt would be around $20, and that includes the printing service and the T-shirt! It’s not only his prices that are outstanding, but the efficiency of the store and the staff are very impressive. Bely Group Inc. is always clean and tidy and each rack organized by the colour and sizing meticulously. Customers can look around and find exactly what they need, in all the colours and sizes they offer. Rest assured, Bely Group Inc. carries infant clothing all the way to adult 7X Large sizing. It’s actually quite difficult to not find what you are looking for at Bely Group Inc.

Visit Bely Group Inc. at booth 1407 or visit their website and get back to basics, only at Pickering Markets!

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