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The story of Jim Deliva and Buy a Birdhouse.Ca is a tale of serendipity. It was ten years ago that Jim decided to make a birdhouse for his backyard. Little did he know that that birdhouse would launch him into a hobbyist turned business man and straight into the craft wood working world.

One thing you should know about Jim is that he was a craftsman even before building birdhouses. An an owner of a local Whitby’s salon, he is known for being a nail artist. In short, his love of nails ultimately opened the door to his passion of making birdhouses.

Ten years ago when Jim Deliva decided to make a birdhouse for his backyard, he made a replica of the same house to use as decoration to display in his salon.It was a bare bones basic structure of a birdhouse. To Jim’s amazement, the very plain birdhouse started to get a lot interest and it wasn’t long before a regular client of his and fell in love with the birdhouse. She had asked him if he could make a customized Winnie the Pooh birdhouse feeder for her daughter, and just like that Jim started to create commissioned birdhouses for his clients. Not exactly knowing how he could create the decals, he went to a children’s store and bought every Winnie The Pooh sticker and colouring book, he cut out the images and worked his magic. Needless to say, he made a wonderful Winnie The Pooh birdhouse and his client was ecstatic!

As more unexpected orders came in at the Salon, Jim would make other birdhouses to showcase his growing hobby. The more showcases he had, the more orders he would take in. It started becoming a usual occurrence to see customers getting their nails done and walking out with a birdhouse. It was then that Jim felt like this accidental hobby business he fell into had a larger demand than he ever anticipated. He decided to spend his time crafting the perfect birdhouse and creating what we now know as Buy a Birdhouse. Ca. For 3 years and going, Buy a Birdhouse.Ca has come to the market over the holiday season and every year customers look forward to his arrival to check out what other new birdhouses he has! This year is no exception! While he uses his spa in Whitby as a showcase for his intricate birdhouses, he enjoys being here at the bustling market.

Since forming his business ten years ago, he now has a specialized printer for his birdhouses and perfected the entire process. Outside of the holiday season, he is on many online shopping platforms including his own website, Etsy, Facebook and Amazon.

Visit Pickering Markets and take a look at Buy A Birdhouse.Ca and enjoy the craftsmanship and the unique details on each of the handmade birdhouses. Hurry soon, the holiday season is almost over and these are great presents for your family! With each one being $50.00, there’s no risk of breaking the bank.

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