Carl’s Custom Framing

Carl has been a part of the Pickering Markets vendor family for 32 years now. He started Carl’s Custom Framing in the early 1980’s with his two sisters, selling frames. It eventually became so popular that he decided to expand into the service section and offer custom framing. Carl self taught himself everything to do with framing from mounting to sizing and to cutting the mats. The need for framing businesses were high in demand in the 80’s and 90’s, and although it may seem that the digital age may have deterred some from physically printing photos, it’s actually quite the opposite. Carl has noticed since digital cameras became more affordable, many people had begun to take their own photos and as a result, have printed many more photos to get framed.

Presently, he specializes in mostly custom framing but also sells photography prints as well. Just one look in his booth, and you can see the quality that is put into each custom order.

On some weekends, you may see Carl’s son Zach, around. I asked him about the framing business and he spoke with such enthusiasm about coming down to the market and spending time with father. Zach always loves the atmosphere of the market, the constant hustle and bustle, meeting new people and being surrounded by such a variety of products. But Zach is happiest learning from his father valuable lessons about the family business. Valuable knowledge that Zach can take with him in whatever career he chooses for the future. Although, if it was up to Carl – he would have Zach choose to be a lawyer!

While framing experts surrounded me, I had to ask how particular they are with their own frames at home. Zach begins to describe his room full of beautifully framed sports memorabilia, so that about answers it!

With technology moving at lighting speed, will people continue to have that demand to print and frame photos? Well, Carl answers this with one sentence “If you do it right, it makes all the difference”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a good frame worth? It’s in my opinion that it is worth infinitely more, because it doesn’t speak to the subject of the photo but speaks of the owner of the photo.

Visit Carl’s Custom Framing, booth 1604, for all your photo & framing needs

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