Fashion at The Marketplace

The Pickering Markets is the only multi-cultural marketplace in the heart of Pickering, Ontario. Within our four walls, there is something magical that happens every weekend; people from all over Ontario come together and create a vibrant bustling marketplace. With over 500 vendors in our large building, it can seem easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed with so many products to choose from. But if you let yourself wander through the aisles, you’ll discover some amazing items!

At the beginning of 2017, the Pickering Markets team wanted to do something different to showcase our products. With a large amount of retail vendors focusing on men’s and women’s fashion, we decided to create a fashion shoot highlighting outfits created with everything taken directly from the marketplace. It was important to keep the photo shoot at the market, although this was a big undertaking, we were excited for the challenges ahead. We set up the studio in our office space, and away we went!

We then invited a talented local stylist, Angela Pak, to come in and wander through the aisles, picking out pieces that caught her eye. From there, we completed the fun and trendy looks with the help of awesome makeup artist, Nikki Ashworth, and hair stylist, Corrine Carpenter. Lastly, we had a great photographer, Christine Buijs, to capture the perfect photo and of course, we had to include some wacky jumping shots! Our models wore the outfits beautifully and moved so effortlessly in front of the camera, our team standing behind the camera couldn’t help but call out our favorite items! Lastly, we had the amazing videographer, Alvin Campana, document the day so we can share it with all of our valued Pickering markets guests that come every weekend!

A photo of the team behind the camera at the end of a very long day (from left to right)
Angela Pak, Nikki Ashworth, Jenny Chan, Christine Buijs (missing Corrine Carpenter & Alvin Campana)

Keep your favorite outfits in mind and be sure to check out the website in the next few days when we post the final photos and list where everything is from at the market!
Special thank you to the following vendors who participated in this shoot and provided clothing, shoes & accessories:
AA Footwear
Amar Kwawaja
Tamav Fashions
Spring Trading
G&L Footwear
B&T Imports
Sham Sahjiwani
Art Buzz Inc.
Delight House Tekadis
Beauty Kweenz
Re-Up Collective
Lyan Boutique
Dorf Shoes
Exclusive Hats by Tony

Pickering Markets is not your typical Flea Market; we are the largest multicultural indoor marketplace in Ontario!

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