Grand Re-Launch Party at Little Domo’s Pasta!

Little Domo’s Pasta is a small independent business created by owner, Parissa Rassul. Built from scratch much like her scrumptious recipes, she developed a lovely Italian cuisine booth at The Pickering Markets Food Court. You’ll notice that Rassul is not a typical Italian last name and it’s because Parissa isn’t Italian, she is Afghani-Canadian. Growing up, she was introduced to Italian food through her father’s cooking and had fallen in love with it.

Before she even thought of opening her own business, Parissa was already in the midst of an intense ten-year food journey. Her culinary adventure really started when she was sixteen years old, as a part time cook at a retirement home. She used to cook around 100 covers a night, it was the first time she had ever experienced that type of adrenaline rush. That exact feeling of excitement and passion and being in the kitchen had never left her. If you asked her, at the age of sixteen if she thought she would be doing this as a career, her answer would have been a solid “no”.

When Parissa became older, she went to university and studied to become a Law Clerk and an Electrical Engineer Technician. But there was something missing and she couldn’t feel satisfied with the work she was doing. Parissa reflected back to the times when she enjoyed working and it just came to her naturally…cooking! So, she traded in her law and electrical engineering books for culinary books and enrolled in the George Brown – Culinary Management program. It was there that she felt for the first time ever, she really enjoyed going to school and had finally found what she was meant to do and above all, where she needed to go to feel creatively fulfilled.

During her time at school, she also worked at the very popular restaurant, CAVA, and cooked up Spanish Tapas dishes. Parissa worked under Chef Chris McDonald and started as a Garde Manger, within two shifts Parissa was promoted to Chef De Partie of the Garde Manger section. Eventually, she would spend four years working at CAVA learning all the in’s and out’s of the kitchen and the business. It was then, she decided to take on another position with her newfound wealth of knowledge.

Parissa started working as a private chef for a very influential Canadian personality, and she had the ability to work with ingredients that chefs would only dream about. She never needed to worry about a budget because there was virtually no budget! It was a time of creativity for her, a place where she could experiment and perfect dishes, which had a vital role later on when she was developing her own recipes. Many of her dishes are a blend of several cultures that have influenced her throughout her culinary journey from French to Spanish to, of course, Italian.

Fast forward to the present day, Little Domo’s has been at the market for well over a year and their second year anniversary is closely approaching. Parissa is immensely proud of each dish that comes out of her kitchen, but she decided it was time to change the look. Little Domo’s Pasta is having a Grand Re-Launch Party this weekend at Pickering Markets. She will be giving away red velvet & vanilla cupcakes with each purchase of a sandwich or a wrap. She is also having all day contests and giving away her handmade pasta sauces and a traditional Afghani flat bread named, Bolani!

This weekend, have a shopping adventure and grab some delicious Little Domo’s Pasta, get a free cupcake, and then possibly win a free jar of sauce! This is sounding like a foodie heaven! Visit them in booth 2708 or contact them directly for catering inquiries HERE.

Pickering Markets is not your typical Flea Market, it’s Ontario’s largest multicultural indoor marketplace in Toronto’s backyard!

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