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Whilst walking among all our vendors, down our aisles, you’ll noticed that we have quite a few home renovations booths at Pickering Markets. Lifestyle is one of our long time vendors that specializes in home renovations, sun rooms and metal roofing.

Mona Boghdady, a proud Lifestyle Representative, spoke about the thirty years of experience Lifestyle has had servicing the local area and all across Canada. The company started off as a small family business by Keith and Bill Carroll and eventually grew after customers kept referring Lifestyle to their friends, families and neighbors. Now Lifestyle has over 200 employees, a plant in Peterborough and a showroom in Ajax.

One of the services they are especially proud of are their metal roofing services. Metal roofing tiles can be up to 65% lighter than traditional roofing materials. It’s extremely weather resistant to all the elements that plague Canadian weather and many clients who have had it done, swear by it now. Mona loves working for Lifestyle, every weekend she meets new people shopping in the marketplace that have had roofing or renovations done by lifestyle, and they thank her for the exceptional service.

Next time you are at the market, swing by Lifestyle – booth 1714. Whatever service you are looking for, Mona will help guide you through the process. Also, this coming Sunday Dec 3rd, 2017, Lifestyle is drawing a winner for their massive contest! Fill out a ballot at their booth and you could win $25,000 worth of good from Lifestyle.

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