Perfumania is the right scent!

It may seem to some people that perfume and cologne is a luxury item, but to the Jiwani family, that is simply not the case. It is a necessity. Jim Jiwani is the current owner and face of Perfumania, but the person who started it all was Jim’s father. Living in Scarborough at the time, his father researched local markets for the perfect space to build his retail home. He found that home at Pickering Markets, and didn’t know it at the time, but Perfumania would eventually grow into an important family business continually being passed on to the next generation.

When speaking to Jim Jiwani about the history of Perfumania, he developed a huge smile, reflecting on the grass roots beginning of the family business. He grew up watching his father work the business, eventually taking over and turning all that knowledge into efforts in expansion with more booths in the market, and a storefront in another city.

For 32 years, Jim has been pairing and personalizing scent recommendations for all of his customers. The value of great customer service is of highly importance to Jim, he strongly emphasizes to others working with him, that they should always give the customer their undivided attention. It’s difficult to recommend a scent if the sales associate is not actively listening to their wants or needs, that’s what sets Perfumania apart from other fragrance retailers. This sentiment was especially important to pass down to the future generations that will be taking over the family business, Jim’s son, now manages his own booth at the market. Just like Jim himself, his son grew up in the business; from 2 years old he was put in a highchair in the booth every weekend and learned all about the business from a young age.

As Jim says “Business is in the Jiwani’s blood. Some people are doctors or lawyers, we are entrepreneurs”

When looking at all the fragrances Jim carries, it can almost be overwhelming; he offers over 150 brands, but no need to worry because Jim can match a perfume or cologne to anyone! You’ll also notice something else, the prices are very affordable and that’s on purpose! He stays stocked up on all the high quality name brands and makes sure his customers aren’t paying a ridiculous price for just the name, because after all, a good fragrance is a necessity and for some, can represent an extension of their personality. Like me, for instance, I would love to walk around smelling of freshly made doughnuts from an all-organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, traditional grains only, bake shop. And I bet Jim Jiwani knows exactly what fragrance to pair me up with!

So, if you’re looking for a fragrance, Perfumania is the way to go! “Name brands without the name brand prices” Find them at booth 1400.

Pickering Markets is not your typical Flea Market; we are the largest multicultural indoor marketplace in Ontario!

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