Simply British Foods

If you’ve visited Pickering Markets in the last seven years, you probably came across Simply British Foods. The specialty booth was created in 2000 by Paul Million after five years of toiling over the idea.

During a corporate restructuring twn years ago in his previous position, an opportunity emerged and Paul decided to make his dream of creating a British Shop come true – Simply British Foods was born! What inspired him to create this shop, really came down to his parents, they were born and raised in the UK and eventually moved to Canada. Paul grew up in Ontario, but also strongly identified with his British roots and culture and that connection became stronger when his parents moved back to Britain when he was 20 years old. Since then, Paul has been back and forth to Britain many times and proudly proclaims the UK is home from home.

Simply British Foods has always been a fan of ex-pats because the booth is stocked with favorite classic brands that many remember from their childhood. It’s a wave of nostalgia when entering the booth to see the favourite candies and snacks they had as a kid, like Walker’s Toffee, even Paul has memories of enjoying it as a child from 40 years ago!

With all the great products and items he carries, I had to ask what his personal favorite top 3 items in the store was,
1.) The Cadbury Flake Bar

2.) Walker’s Cheese and Onion Crisps

3.) Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

Simply British Foods is always evolving and with that some exciting changes will hopefully be coming soon. Plans are currently in the works to be the first store in Ontario to start importing frozen foods like frozen fish, frozen parsnips, McCain Chips, Jam Rollie Pollies, and much more!

So keep an eye out on Simply British Foods and discover the delicious sweet and salty tastes of the UK at booth 3207.

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