Sonia’s Socks

Sonia’s Socks have been a member of the Pickering Markets vendor community for thirty years. The inception of the business was inspired by the owners during a walk through the previous Pickering Flea Market at the very first location. The couple enjoyed the market atmosphere and wanted to sell an item they knew would be always be high in-demand and they came up with socks.
“Socks is a basic necessity, especially in Canada”
Sonia’s Socks offer every type of socks imaginable: Diabetic socks, ankle socks, wool socks, baby socks, sports socks…literally any type of sock, no matter how niche the market is, Sonia’s has it!

It’s true, socks are very important in Canada, so the owners wanted to create a small business and provide great quality socks that are affordable and economical for their dedicated customers. They have customers that visit every month to buy 3 dozen, which I’m told is the monthly average of how many socks people go through. You may wonder, what types of socks are the most popular, well it was an easy question for the owners to answer. Black socks are by far the most popular, and the owners have a theory as to why and it’s very simple…black socks never clash with any outfit and it’s completely unisex. Although, their socks of choice are the breezy summer ankle socks, titled the “trendiest” by the owners, they must have drawers full of black ankle socks at home!

Summer is here and people may feel like they do not need to stock up on socks, but that would be a big mistake. Sure there is the whole socks and sandals faux pas, but socks keep your feet warm and protected against the elements in every season, whether is it sun burn or frost bite.
Find the perfect pair of socks for every season the whole family can enjoy at Sonia’s Socks, booth 2403

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