Steeline Jewelry

Steeline Jewelry is one of the original long standing vendors at Pickering Markets, thirteen years and going strong. Owner and operator, Enzo, was an avid fan of Pickering Markets in the first year it opened and came here to shop regularly. This was around the time he had the idea to open his own booth at the market. He wanted to start a family business that offered a great quality product that he could stand behind. He came across Stainless Steel jewelry and instantly knew that this was the perfect product and Steeline Jewelry was born!

Enzo also offers sterling silver and silver items, but the majority of pieces are made out of stainless steel. Over the thirteen years, he has built a strong relationship with the manufacturer of his products and handpicks each piece he offers at Steeline. Quality is of the utmost importance to him and being able to proudly proclaim that each his stainless steel items has a lifetime guarantee is something that he does not shy away from.

When asked what he likes specifically about stainless steel jewelry, he had three major reasons:
1.) It has a lifetime guarantee
2.) It will never tarnish or scratch
3.) It never has to be professionally cleaned

The most popular item are his rings and earrings. They start as low as $10.00 or 2 for $15.00. Enzo likes to compare stainless steel to other more popular metals like gold and white gold. “It’s the more economical option” speaking, matter of fact. Stainless Steel jewelry looks just as beautiful as white gold, but more importantly is stronger and less of a hassle, so the question is, why wouldn’t you want a stainless steel jewelry collection?

Stainless Steel Jewelry may have seemed like a niche market thirteen years ago, but jewelry lovers have been noticing all the great traits of a no-fuss jewelry collection and the demand for these pieces has been growing at a very healthy rate.

STEELINE is having a SUMMER LONG SALE – Buy 1 item and get the 2nd item for half price!

If you want to know know what all the fuss is about a non-fuss affordable jewelry line, check out Steeline Jewelry booth 2207!

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