The old fashion FaceTime

There are some things that are perfectly paired for each other like; peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon and sugar and, milk and cookies. This leads to the most wonderful pair of all: Darlene Nolte and Pickering Markets. Both go hand in hand, much like a chocolate vanilla ice cream swirl on a hot summer day! It’s hard to think of a time when one was without the other.

It all began about twenty years ago, Darlene at that time was taking a higher education course and one of her projects was to find a position she would like to job shadow. She started looking at newspapers for opportunities and came across an advertisement from Pickering Markets searching for volunteers for a charity event. She was able to job shadow the supervisor and did such a great job that before the event was even put on, she was offered and accepted a full time position.

Since then, you could always count on Darlene at the information booth. She knows the market like the back of her hand and has participated in every Pickering Markets event. Darlene is always on top of all the new vendors and their products; she often takes walks around the market to make sure she doesn’t miss out on anything. After all, many customers rely on her recommendations when they come in during the weekends. Darlene’s favorite moments are when Pickering Markets has our annual events like our Halloween costume contest and the Annual Easter Chocolate Egg Hunt because she gets to participate and put smiles on children’s faces!

What had been her most cherished moment at the market so far? Well, when her granddaughter was young, she celebrated her birthday at Pickering Markets and raised money for a local charity, while she handed out cake and balloons.

To have a information booth at Pickering Markets is vital to our marketplace because of how massive our building is. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when a visitor is looking for something very specific. Sure, everything is posted on our website including all the vendors and contact information. But in this digital age, it’s human face to face that many people appreciate, not only the face time.

Pickering Markets is a vibrant multi-cultural marketplace that treats visitors, vendors and staff like extended families. For twenty years, every weekend at the Pickering Markets, Darlene Nolte is sitting at our information booth with a big smile on her face! Whether she is recommending products for visitors, giving leasing information to potential vendors or socializing with our current vendors, she is a huge part of the heart of our marketplace.

Visit Darlene at the information booth this weekend, and she her anything you like!

Pickering Markets is not your typical Flea Market; we are the largest multicultural indoor marketplace in Ontario!

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