The Past & The Future

The word psychic is heavy with many connotations. On the Internet, Google’s definition of a psychic as, “Elating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance”

At Pickering Markets, we have a long time resident psychic that has been at the market for many years. Her booth is appropriately named after her, Psychic Serena. I had a chance to sit down with Serena during her busy day and learn a little bit about the journey into this mysterious world.

As I entered her booth, she led me to a seat in the back, slightly covered by a curtain, giving us the feeling of privacy. I can only imagine how comfortable her regular clients would be in her space, as I instantly felt at home. The booth is decked out in purple with a huge neon sign above our heads that read “Reader and Advisor”, the radiating neon tube illuminating our faces in the dim light with just the right amount of ambience that made the whole experience very intriguing! The colour Purple covered every inch of her booth and although there was no reason for the colour to stand out to me, other than it being a nice shade of purple, I was still inherently curious. Many questions were whizzing around in my head; Was it a conscious decision? Is it your favorite colour? Did it mean something to her? Why purple? Why this shade of purple? I had to ask.

It was indeed a conscious decision for Serena to choose purple. Not only is Serena’s favorite colour purple, but that is the colour of the crown chakra, which represents spirituality and people seeking spirituality. To her, it was the colour of comfort, which always help keep her grounded whilst being in the busy marketplace and protecting her own energy. Reading Chakra’s has always been a keen interest of hers and is one of the most requested readings from her clients, as well as, eye readings and the traditional tarot cards.

Though psychic readings may seem to some, a kind of “mumble jumble” not to Serena. Born and raised into a very spiritual family, Serena has 5 siblings and three of her sisters had something different, a gift is what they called it. An ability to see what most cannot. This was something she learned more about while growing up into adulthood through intuitive instinct and quickly became an expert in the unknown. She eventually turned it into a small business and slowly gained more clients throughout the years. For 25 years, she has been reading people’s future and past, while overcoming the skeptics. The most important thing she asks of new clients is to visit her with an open mind and an open heart to receive a proper reading.

Visit Psychic Serena at booth 1904 and learn about your past or future!

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