The warm sounds from a vintage stereo

Ed Lethbridge has been in the audio industry since the 1970’s. If you ask him, audio equipment and a good quality sound system is really his first love. Every weekend you will find Ed Lethbridge standing in front of his booths at G-1305 & G-1405, talking to his customers about music and everything to do with speakers. He specializes in fixing and selling vintage speakers and audio equipment.

Just taking a glimpse at his booth, you’ll see a variety of vintage sound equipment, but mostly from the 1960’s and 1970’s, as those are his favorite speakers to work on. In Ed’s opinion, it’s the best middle market well built stereo system for someone who enjoys listening to music without headphones. Speaking to Ed, I learned a lot about stereo trends throughout the decades. There was a huge shift that happened when surround sound became popular in the 2000’s. Many people got rid of their stereos that were built specifically for music, and used their surround sound for everything including films and television.

“The crash, bang, boom sounds are wonderful on surround sound because it’s all about dynamic range. But, play a little bit of music on it and it is a completely different story”
He is noticing a shift with his customers; people are looking for a separate system to play music on now. However, newly well-built and good sound quality stereos are now more expensive then ever. Most affordable stereos presently, do not have the richness and warmth that vintage sound equipment has. Ed feel like there are no more middle ground stereo systems available. That’s where Ed’s work steps in.

Ed offers restoration services and upgrading vintage electronics because he believes that, that is the best option for people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a well built stereo. The beautiful aesthetic doesn’t hurt either and is quite trendy now. With Ed’s upgraded stereos, you can expect a richer and warmer sound when listening to music.

There is a huge demand for restored speakers because each weekend Ed is inundated with new radios and speakers to fix, tune and “hot rod”. He is constantly stocked with equipment parts and accessories. For all you, DJ’s out there, Ed also services turntables. He provides a 90-day warranty on all of his items and 30-day exchanges.
So, now that I had a bit of an education on the benefits of having a beautifully restored stereo, can we have a listening party and play some Hamilton…? Who’s with me?
Visit booth 1304 & 1305 to take a look at all of his vintage electronics and say hi to Ed.

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