Pickering Markets and the Watch Wizard

Did someone call the wizard?

It is not often that people come across someone who has been in a certain trade for over 30 years. The owner of Watch Wizard, a quiet man named Frankie at booth 2402, has been working as a watch repairman since 1982.

Frankie was trained in Hong Kong when watchmaking and repair shops were booming. When he immigrated to Canada, he decided to stay in the watch industry and over the past 10 years he has seen the practicality of watches become replaced by smart phones. Frankie’s friends eventually left and pursued other careers, but Frankie decided to continue on. Watch repair was an important skill to him and he just loved doing it.

While watches are not exactly in the height of popularity it once was, many watch shops do not exist anymore or have severely down sized. Well skilled watchmakers and repairman are becoming more and more difficult to find. He became determined to do his part in giving great service and keeping the art of watch repair alive. It was just last year that Frankie decided to open Watch Wizard as a weekend business. With every watch repair order he receives, he will always give an honest price and fix every watch with love. You would think that spending over 30 years fixing watches and being up to date with all the latest, he may be a watch enthusiast but that’s not the case. To Frankie, his personal taste in watches include two very important things: practicality and reliability. Fashion is important as well, but a great watch should be a dependable watch!

If you are looking for a extremely knowledgeable watch repairman, great prices for watches and watch repair, Frankie is the person to go to! Frankie can fix any watch with his experience and knowledge. So if anyone asks, there IS wizardry at Pickering Markets…Watch Wizardry that is!

Frankie is the Watch Wizard of Pickering Markets – find him at booth 2402!

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